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Firstly, we want to say thank you. We were overwhelmed by the show of support and solidarity from you, our loyal customers. Without you, we wouldn’t have got this far. After feeling pretty miserable about the whole situation your response boosted our resolve. We WILL get through this and be dancing the nights away in no time.

The government’s announcement today has gone someway to alleviating our fear that this was it for The Rec, The Clubhouse and The Rec Rooms. But there are still going to be some tough times ahead.


What this means for you:

As you will have seen on Facebook, we have made the decision to postpone the remaining gigs for March and all of the April gigs. We are working hard with the bands to rearrange gigs for later in the year but of course you will be the first to know as soon as we have any new information. The plan is to re-open, fingers crossed, with comedy on Friday 1st May.


It also seems likely that due to the government’s request that people refrain from socialising in bars, pubs and theatres (but without asking those establishments to close) we will soon need to close our doors. But again, we will keep you informed with all the latest news.


How can we help?

This does mean that we have a vast space that could be used in some capacity to help our community. Please feel free to make suggestions or share this with local organisations/charities that could use the space, we want to help.  We are also considering starting a delivery service for our freshly made burgers but again please feel free to make suggestions.


Once again, we will sign off by saying take care, look after yourselves and keep supporting your local businesses.


Best wishes,


Nick, Graham & The Rec Team.


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